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Ranking: Best Beer

1. Dreher’s (Budapest)

2. Pilsner Urquell (Prague)

3. Efe’s (Istanbul)

4. Duckstein (Berlin)

Didn’t drink beer in Venice (how bourgeois), but did imbibe some nice drinks. I’ll rank those later. Also, I had some other beer in Berlin, but I can’t remember the name, and if I did it would be 5th. The funny thing about these rankings is that I’m pretty sure Richard liked the beers in the exact opposite order. Go figure.

Budapest, Berlin Bullets

§ Internet cafes are killing the massive photo uploads, stay tuned.

§ German keyboards are weird.

§ There are vampires in Budapest. Richard liked Budapest. Richard misses Budapest.

R: “I miss Budapest. I miss the vampires in Budapest. Germany can gargle my balls.”

§ Richard in Berlin = Agressive.

§ I like Berlin. Oh, and it’s raining. Like the ELO song.

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